Professional Piano Teacher   Viola Xing



Viola graduated from Xinghai Conservatorium in China. Majoring in piano performance and Master of Music Education. Her research specialized in piano education for children and young adults. She began learning the piano at the age of five and studied under the famous piano professors in China.

During Viola’s time at the Conservatorium, she was taught by Lang Lang, an internationally renowned Chinese pianist. She has also

performed with Lang Lang on the stage. Viola participated in a variety of competitions and performances and has won a number of awards.

With 15 years of teaching experience, Viola was an honorary member of the Guangdong Pianist Association. She also acted as a professional piano examiner in Guangdong. In addition Viola also organized and planned piano events, competitions and performances in Guangdong. Viola's students participated in many competitions and gained outstanding results.   

These years, Viola has been wholeheartedly committed to the piano education industry in Australia. She is a registered teacher of AMEB and a member of Australian Teachers of Musical Association. She often performs with the local organizations.

Viola teaches all ages and grades, (AMEB Exams, competitions, concerts). She also teaches aural, sight reading and theory.

Viola’s students have achieved outstanding results in AMEB examinations with a high number of students achieving A grade. Viola coaches students in piano competitions and has won multiple awards. She also has a Musicianship class that encompasses music theory in Grades 1-5.

Viola adapts her teaching style to different students. She encourages her students and makes piano lessons interesting for them. Viola combines Chinese and Australian teaching experiences and methods to obtain a set of new and unique teaching methods that not only enable students to love piano learning, but also enable students to fully improve. She is very patient with students, focusing on the training and shaping of basic skills. She also cultivates students to develop a deep analysis and understanding of music works. Viola always treats piano teaching with preciseness and professionalism. Viola is a highly regarded  piano teacher and admired by her students.